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Two years ago I had to build an application as part of the final project as a student at the university. I called it “Glaciar” and the idea was visualise medioambiental data available on open datasets.

To store the data, I code some ETL and use an instance of Mongo…

What are the “presigned URL” in S3? For me, when I first read about it, It sound me a little strange feature, but, when you are preparing yourself for an AWS certification, like AWS solution Architect Associated (SAA-CO2), this is a concept that appear from time on time, and you…

I have an angular app and I would like to debug on it: breakpoints, watch variables values, etc

The app is in angular 5, I am using node 9 runtime with nvm, and It was generated with Angular-CLI, so let´s start.

I am using Web Storm 2017.3

JetBrain IDE plugin on Chrome

First Add the plugin to chrome

Web Storm IDE

First on a…

Are you curious about how Replica Set works on Mongo DB? How much complex, or easy, is to set it? How the data is replied on “Secondary” slaves? or When a new master is born after the “Primary” gets down?

In this demo, if you keep reading, we will see…

Pablo Ezequiel Inchausti

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