IBM Cloud Services — Docker Setup


Let´s Start

$ ibmcloud cr namespace-add pabloeze
'cr' is not a registered command. See 'ibmcloud help'.
.... etc
$ ibmcloud plugin install container-registry -r 'IBM Cloud'
.... etc
$ ibmcloud cr namespace-add pabloeze
Adding namespace 'pabloeze'...
Successfully added namespace 'pabloeze'OK
$ ibmcloud cr build --tag .                                   1 

Sending build context to Docker daemon 82.24MB
Step 1/13 : FROM node:10.16.0 as build
10.16.0: Pulling from library/node
a4d8138d0f6b: Pull complete
dbdc36973392: Pull complete
f59d6d019dd5: Pull complete
aaef3e026258: Pull complete
....Removing intermediate container 6d6c67b1ae2c
---> a01ced370bf0
Successfully built a01ced370bf0
Successfully tagged
The push refers to repository []
2c6282500b0c: Pushed
6081fcfa9e5b: Pushed
2bdf88b2699d: Pushed
f1b5933fe4b5: Pushed
v1.0: digest: sha256:7d4beeab5dafdc21821f07321d96cf978e7fa3ee0481409a3f9a4f28141df86e size: 1163
$ ibmcloud cr image-list
Listing images...
Repository Tag Digest Namespace Created Size Security status v1.0 7d4beeab5daf pabloeze 13 minutes ago 40 MB 22 Issues
$ docker run -d -p 80:80
Unable to find image '' locally
docker: Error response from daemon: Get unauthorized: authentication required.
See 'docker run --help'.
$ ibmcloud cr login                                                                                           
Logging in to ''...
Logged in to ''.
Logging in to ''...
Logged in to ''.
$ docker run -d -p 80:80 --name  healthyApp





#cloud . #mobile ~} Sharing IT while learning It! ... Opinions are for my own

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Pablo Ezequiel Inchausti

Pablo Ezequiel Inchausti

#cloud . #mobile ~} Sharing IT while learning It! ... Opinions are for my own

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