“Places2Go” and the MEAN Stack (III)

Source Code

Let´s start

Step 01: Add a Classe (Model)

$ ng generate class services/user.model
<tbody *ngIf="users.length">
<tr *ngFor="let user of users">
<th scope="row">{{ user.id }}</th>
<td>{{ user.firstName }}</td>
<td>{{ user.lastName }}</td>
<td>{{ user.userName }}</td>
<tbody *ngIf="!users.length">
<th scope="row" colspan="4">no user!</th>

Step 02: Add a Services (Model)

$ ng generate service <path-to-service/name>--flat : "--flat false" to indicate if a dir is created--spec specifies if a spec (testing file) file is generated--module (-m) allows specification of the declaring module$ ng generate --help service 
Let´s generate a dir “services” with the services inside: “services/data”$ ng generate service services/data --flat true --spec trueor the same is: by default is flat and generate spec file$ ng generate service services/data 





#cloud . #mobile ~} Sharing IT while learning It! ... Opinions are for my own

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Pablo Ezequiel Inchausti

Pablo Ezequiel Inchausti

#cloud . #mobile ~} Sharing IT while learning It! ... Opinions are for my own

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