Using GitHub Actions in Angular project

Pre requisites

GitHub Action for an “npm install”

You can see the source code on GitHub, for copy&paste:
Hook alive, and in Work In Progress (WIP)
finished …
The Job´s log
an ubuntu 18
git checkout
Use node 12
npm install …. after a “cd” coman because I am no in the top level folder of GitHub
ok npm install
and Clean Up …

GitHub Action for the “Angular” build

 npm run build
last “build” … we needed to add the “cd” command again to change the dir ..
git push …
we had a successful build





#cloud . #mobile ~} Sharing IT while learning It! ... Opinions are for my own

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Pablo Ezequiel Inchausti

Pablo Ezequiel Inchausti

#cloud . #mobile ~} Sharing IT while learning It! ... Opinions are for my own

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