Using GitHub Actions in Angular project

Pablo Ezequiel Inchausti
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After a few days, we decide to submit an Idea and the prototype to the Hackathon CallForCode … In general terms, is an idea to centralize specific clinical data and implement on it relevant and specific uses cases, if you want, you can see a little more detail in

Ok, but, let´s advance in the Angular subject of this post: we have an Angular prototype, How we could integrate it in GitHub actions? Let´s describe the process, or the problems with it

Pre requisites

we have a public GitHub repo with an Angula 9+ app on it

And the app running in local

Let´s select Actions

Let´s try the first one:

GitHub Action for an “npm install”

This is the first “half part” of the work, but the simpler … in the next post section, will try the Angular specific commands …

You can see the source code on GitHub, for copy&paste:

Let´s make a couple of push on the specific branch

And, we can verify that the hook is alive!

Hook alive, and in Work In Progress (WIP)
finished …
The Job´s log

Let´s see in detail:

an ubuntu 18

an ubuntu 18
git checkout
Use node 12
npm install …. after a “cd” coman because I am no in the top level folder of GitHub
ok npm install
and Clean Up …

GitHub Action for the “Angular” build

So, this is the same, but with “npm run build”

 npm run build
last “build” … we needed to add the “cd” command again to change the dir ..
git push …

And last! the Green ball

we had a successful build

so, let´s finish the post here

we had a github repo with and Angular project

And now, we are able to build it on every push with GithHub actions

We got the idea … I hope so!

To the next one …





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